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13 reviews
27 may 2023
Advantages 無 Disadvantages 燈光暗 職員hea 唔覺有訓練過 Comment 對上一次去剪係90蚊 嗰陣覺得都ok 所以今次再去 點知就出哂事 我無跟開邊個髮型師 所以無話要指定髮型師 然後就安排咗個粉紅色頭髮嘅老女人幫我剪頭髮 我同佢講唔洗剪太多啦去到胸就ok 佢同我剪到上鎖骨 我話佢剪太多啦 佢話剪成咁我會易打理啲 打橫嚟講 望住佢剪我啲頭髮 以為當我係barbie咁剪 一刀過 出嚟無層次 左右唔平衡 仲話咁ok㗎啦 撥鬆佢當無問題 一梳返齊就出事 永不錄用 Date of services rendered 27/5/2023 Specialist description 高 老 粉紅色頭髮 廣東話唔走嘅女人
9 reviews
Ivy F.
20 may 2023
Disadvantages Blacklisted Comment 16 May 2023, 10.15am, Sai Ying Pun, Queens Rd West. The female master is unable to get / understand and listen to customer's requirements. I told her I wanted to trim my hair a bit, and she said it was a ONE LENGTH hair. She started with using a shave, to shave the bottom layer of my hair all the way up like a men's cut. Then she used a pair of scissors to cut my hair, claiming to cut my hair just for 0.5 inch. But actually 2 - 3 inches were shaved/cut. and ended
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1 review
12 may 2023
Emir Q, the manager, is not very serious, when consulting, he tells you a price, he changes it before paying, the shipping times are not respected, he does not like that you pay through Alibaba either. 5 days after paying, it indicates that it has no inventory, that it doesn't care if you complain, it calls you a bitch and blocks you. It is a scam who answers WhatsApp and Alibaba emails, his phone number is also registered with an agricultural company. Is a gotcha
22 april 2023
69 reviews
15 march 2023
Comment We been there 3 times recently for lunch and dinner and we are pleased every time. Food tastes good and portion are generous. Burrata is a must to try. Today I tried the clam pasta and it was amazingly good. Pasta is homemade and bottarga adds flavour to the whole dish.
Lee l.
6 march 2023
Advantages 洗牙可以流水作業,從未試過有一間牙醫診所擠滿人客,9分鐘可以洗完一排牙,絕對係史無前例,我只可以話佢嘅效率比機械人還要高,好唔好自己決定吧 Disadvantages $850洗9分鐘牙,都好貴啫 Date of services rendered 3/3 Specialist description Dr Sze
3 march 2023
Hello, my card ***5013 was charged on 24 th February several times by High morale developmen limeted. AS I AM NOT USING YOUR PRODUCTS AN SERVICE PLEASE RECHARGE MY CARD AND RETURN THE SUMS.
16 reviews
17 february 2023
Disadvantages While booking I was asked if I had a preferred stylist and i asked for Coco, but once there someone else cut my hair and he did it very poorly (happened again in past). The place is filthy, the picture shows the counter in front of me and those are NOT my hair. Combs, scissors and other tools are used continuously on different customers without being cleaned nor sanitized. Before starting the cut, I clearly stated that I didn't want a shorter haircut for 3 times, because I want
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1 review
15 february 2023
nice and trip
1 review
14 february 2023
Arjun G.
19 january 2023
Advantages Staff that help with filling in the application form and printing are very polite and helpful. Disadvantages The manager does not care about customers. She will speak extremely rudely as if she is doing a favor speaking to you. Comment Please change to another private organization for visa process - I beg you Consulate General of India Date of services rendered Jan 5, 2023 Specialist description Visa application
13 reviews
11 january 2023
1 january 2023
Steven H.
1 january 2023
70 reviews
29 december 2022
Advantages Food is overall average. Nice seating. Disadvantages Worst customer service. Super short seating time. Comment 如可以,服務我會俾0分。我去這家餐廳已經將近 10 年了,總是帶很多朋友一起去吃。我於 2022 年 12 月 29 日 19:00 進行了預訂。 18:38 提早到達,整個餐廳空無一人。女服務員告訴我,用餐時限為 90 分鐘。我問是否立即開始。如果是,那我出去等我朋友。她說不用了,可以從我19:00的預約時間算起。她說她也可以給我緩衝時間到20:45。我的朋友在 18:55 到達,我們點了飯菜和飲料。我們度過了一段美好的時光,正計劃點我們的甜點和第二杯飲料時,同一位女服務員衝過來大喊我們付錢並立即離開,因為時間到了,有人在等位。那時是 19:45。剛過了1小時。我問她這怎麼可能,因為我是在 19:00 預訂的,如果有 90 分鐘的時限,下一個預約應是 20:30。即使從我坐下算起,也只過去了 67 分鐘。當我試圖澄清時,她不停大喊大叫來打斷我,以至整個餐廳的人都在看著她。我問她我能不能至少吃完晚飯和喝完我的飲品再付錢離開。她拒絕並反复催促我們,平均每
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