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  • Central Wellness

    Medical centers Homeopathy
    10 reviews
    2 minutes Central 香港, 6/F, On Lan Centre, 11-15 On Lan St, Central Central, Hong Kong
    Best clinic around. so much knowledge and understanding of the body!
    Helped, and still helping me with years of back issues.
    Damien literally put me back on my feet. And Ayelet is just amazing with rehabilitation and building my body all over…
  • Maya Health Institute

    Medical centers Homeopathy
    26 reviews
    2 minutes Central Central, 香港, 6-8 Pottinger St, Lap Fai Building, 1003, Hong Kong
    我的腰2側,頸2側,手臂都有濕疹,最嚴重的時候,全塊面腫了和脫皮 ,一星期三次中醫,針灸,天天煲藥沖涼,飲藥,戒口,看了中医差不多一年,轉了3個中醫,都未見好轉,情況反覆。 濕疹未醫好,心已經疲備了。

    經朋友介紹見了Dr Sonal, 她清楚解釋皮膚發生什麼問題,她首先建議我戒吃蛋,奶及含麩質嘅食物,再根據順勢療法及吃維他命,2個月左右腰間兩側的濕疹全不見了,再過兩個月,頸兩側的濕疹也不見了 ,完全可以帶頸鏈。

    但Dr Sonal 奇怪為什麼我手上的濕疹仍然發紅, 於是細問之下,…
  • Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI) HK.

    Medical centers Homeopathy
    12 reviews
    2 minutes Central 香港, Central, 16 Stanley St, Kailey Tower, Hong Kong
    Didn't believe in magic before I was treated in IMI. I had severe nose allergies (running nose dripping literally like a loose tap + full day sneezes if I was off meds) and was on allergy meds 365 days a year all my life. Scheduled 2 sessions with…
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  • Stanley Wellness

    Medical centers Homeopathic medicine
    4 reviews
    Stanley, 香港, 120 Stanley Main St, 120 Stanley Main Street, G/F, Hong Kong
    Amazing clinic. Would recommend seeing Guillaume, he is incredibly dedicated and helped so much with my back pain.
  • 阿婆合作社

    Medical centers Homeopathy doctors
    1 review
    4 minutes Causeway Bay 1703 室, Workingview Commercial Building, RM1703 Workingview Commercial Building 21 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay, 香港銅鑼灣耀華街21號, Hong Kong
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