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    • The Musicbox Grill House & Bar

      Restaurants Bars
      92 reviews
      2 minutes Causeway Bay 香港, Causeway Bay, 459-461 Lockhart Rd, 8/F, The L Square, Hong Kong
      食物高質 價錢合理

      • $688

      ๑ 新英倫栗米周打湯
      內有粟米 同薯仔 粒粒

      ๑ 香蒜牛油煮蜆
      飽滿鮮甜( ˙༥˙)
      而且一粒沙都冇 食唔停口
      有濃濃香蒜 同牛油 香

      ๑ 草飼澳洲肉眼牛扒
      肉味濃郁 好軟腍
      配埋自家製demi glace…
    • ORKA Restaurant, Bar & Cafe

      Restaurants Bars
      86 reviews
      4 minutes Central 香港, Central, 36 Wyndham St, Ground Floor, Hong Kong
      Spirits & Beers 60$
      Wellness Salad Bar 88$
      Signature Cocktails 88$
      7 more prices
    • Pici (Wan Chai)

      Restaurants Bars
      52 reviews
      6 minutes Wan Chai 香港, Wan Chai, 16 St Francis Yard, GF, Hong Kong
      久しぶりな仕事帰りに3人で予約なしで飛び込み、しかも日本語で「3人行けますか」笑い、女性スタッフから「No tables available.って言われて、pleaseの一言で、カウンター席に案内してくれました。人気店に予約無く来る方が悪い!、けど笑顔で早速ドリンクを聞いてくれて。だから最高評価です。ミネラルウォーターとバンがサービスなのもラッキー。…
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    • Honjo

      Restaurants Bar and restaurant
      77 reviews
      6 minutes Sai Ying Pun 香港, Sheung Wan, 77-91 Queen's Rd W, 1/F, Hong Kong
    • The Iron Fairies Hong Kong

      Restaurants Drink places
      42 reviews
      4 minutes Central 香港, 中環, 1 荷李活道, LG, Hong Kong
      Awesome place,great vibes,great music,just love the place
    • Little Bao (Central)

      Restaurants Places for drinks
      57 reviews
      3 minutes Sheung Wan 中環善慶街1-3號, 香港, Hong Kong
      今次呢間店坐落係上環半山區,附近有幾間酒吧,加上臨近聖誕節,氣氛十足 而且佢嘅食物帶有fusion嘅感覺,絕對係值得推介嘅餐廳

      今次我地揀左餐廳Holiday menu for 2一共有4款前菜,2款baos加2個甜品 ($596+10%)可以每人試曬自己嘅心頭好,一次過食晒唔同口味

      1️⃣ Seaweed Poppers
      2️⃣ Shrimp Tacos
      3️⃣ Truffle Fries
      4️⃣ Turkey Croquettes…
    • TokyoLima

      Restaurants Drinking bar
      69 reviews
      4 minutes Central Central, 香港, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Car Po Commercial Building, G/F, Hong Kong
      Part of the Pirata group. Japanese inspired dishes. Good sized portions and reasonably priced. Consistent which is hard to find in Hk.
    • night water

      Shops Lounges
      18 reviews
      4 minutes North Point 香港, North Point, 133 Java Rd, Shop G09, Harbour North Phase 3, Hong Kong
      Very Good place to drink.
      But be careful,Toilet is very far,haha
    • Around Wellington

      Restaurants Drinking bars
      53 reviews
      2 minutes Causeway Bay 21樓, Circle Tower, 銅鑼灣登龍街28號, 香港, Hong Kong
    • 八蠔吧 Raw Bar No. 8

      Restaurants Bar restaurants
      78 reviews
      5 minutes Sheung Wan 香港, Sheung Wan, 52 Bonham Strand W, Ground Floor, Hong Kong
      今晚黎到上環呢家西餐廳蠔吧 生蠔質素幾新鮮 另外有牛扒 意粉等等 環境舒服 好啱同幾位朋友食飯傾計
      Lobster Risotto $ 338
      其中一款招牌主菜 Risotto 軟硬程度適中 龍蝦醬汁好creamy 入咗仲有香菇 洋蔥 龍蝦肉質新鮮味 好爽口 而且味道啱啱好
      季節沙津 $68
      我哋揀左季節沙律 生菜清新 入面有生果同秘製醬汁 幾開胃
      焗蠔拼盤 $158
      焗蠔焗左都覺得好新鮮 佢嘅焗蠔有三款唔同嘅做法 包括忌廉煙肉汁 芝士同牛油香草 我哋最鍾意忌廉煙肉汁…
    • Pirata Hong Kong

      Restaurants Bar places
      60 reviews
      5 minutes Wan Chai Wan Chai, 香港, 239 Hennessy Rd, 29, 30F, Hong Kong
      Food, ambiance and service was amazing! And the price is not so expensive compare to others Italian restaurant. We will definitely coming back. Thank you for making our wedding anniversary extra special.
    • Chaiwala

      Restaurants Beverage places
      73 reviews
      4 minutes Central 香港, Central, 55 Wyndham St, basement 43, Hong Kong
      A very big and spacious restaurant with authentic Indian food
      The lunch set menu is good value for money, especially for team gathering
    • Junels Restobar Filipino Bar and Restaurant

      Restaurants Drink spots
      41 reviews
      6 minutes University of Hong Kong 香港, Sai Ying Pun, 7 ON NING LANE SHOP 1G ON THE BASEMENT, Hong Kong
      Absolutely delicious Filipino cuisine with generous portions. Owner and the staff and very welcoming and friendly. Sing your heart out (or listen to others) on karaoke.. what's not to love?
    • The Optimist

      Restaurants Drinking places
      59 reviews
      5 minutes Wan Chai 香港, Wan Chai, 239 Hennessy Rd, Hong Kong
      We went for celebrating our anniversary. Their arrangement was really lovely! We were also very happy with the food, environment & atmosphere as well as the service. It's really worth to go again where there is a wonderful place for a group of…
    • TMK Punk & Rolls

      Restaurants Place to grab a drink
      67 reviews
      6 minutes Sheung Wan 香港, Sheung Wan, Shops G & H, G/F and M/F, 77-91 Queens’s Road West, Hong Kong
      홍콩에 1주일간 있으면서 가장 만족스러운 식사였습니다. 음식에 대한 친절한 설명과 맛좋은 음식, 사케로 홍콩 떠나기 전 또 오고싶은 곳이네요.
    • James Suckling Wine Central

      Restaurants Places to get a drink
      31 reviews
      7 minutes Sheung Wan 香港, Central, 22 Staunton St, 2nd floor, Hong Kong
      Great wine bar and food. Wine selection varies a lot depending on time, and there are usually many interesting bottles from small wineries that you would never really get a chance to try normally. Food is good! Staff are extremely helpful,…
    • Whisky & Words

      Restaurants Places to have a drink
      46 reviews
      3 minutes Sheung Wan 香港, Central, 7 Shin Hing St, G/F, Hong Kong
      Nice casual bar with good cocktails. Staff are friendly and bar tender is good. I had a cocktail and also a whiskey flight, all delicious. Only downside was the open door, with a curtain, let a breeze in and lost some of the speakeasy privacy…
      Beer By agreement
      6 more prices
    • Meats

      Restaurants Places to drink
      66 reviews
      6 minutes Sheung Wan 香港, Central, 30 Staunton St, G/F Soho 28, Hong Kong
      Nice food but portions are on the small side, even for HK. Service wasn't as good this time around. Previously we had really good service, so might have been just a difficult night for the staff.
    • 乐宴 Rakuen

      Restaurants Places to have drinks
      61 reviews
      2 minutes Causeway Bay 12樓, Circle Tower, 銅鑼灣登龍街28號, 香港, Hong Kong
    • 5019 Premium Factory

      Restaurants Pubs
      52 reviews
      6 minutes Sheung Wan The Soho, 46, 中環嘉咸街, 香港, Hong Kong
      Burger was juicy and very tasty. Service was pleasant, attentive and friendly. Good value

      Update: second visit didn't disappoint, very good value lunch set. Tasty!

      Update: so sad this restaurant will soon close. It has been a regular lunch spot.
    • Basmati | Taste Of India | Hong Kong

      Restaurants Places with alcoholic drinks
      74 reviews
      1 minute Sheung Wan MTR Ext C, San Toi Building, 上環干諾道中137號, 香港, Hong Kong
    • Players Bar

      Restaurants Cocktail lounge
      8 reviews
      2 minutes Wan Chai 香港, Wan Chai, 98 Jaffe Rd, Basement, Hong Kong
      Love players so nice bar to dance and drinks
      More enjoying
    • INTERVAL Farmacy

      Restaurants Places to go drink
      63 reviews
      33 minutes Kennedy Town Pok Fu Lam, 香港, 100 Cyberport Rd, Shop 207, Level 2, Arcade, Cyberport, Hong Kong
      Main course & starter was brilliant, dessert was ok
    • Club Rangoon

      Restaurants Places to get drinks
      46 reviews
      4 minutes Sheung Wan 香港, Central, 33 Aberdeen St, Ground Floor, Hong Kong
      Great place for a dinner. Very nice and cosy/dark ambiance. The food is great and super tasty too!
    • Ivan The Kozak 東歐餐廳

      Restaurants Cocktail bars
      53 reviews
      4 minutes Central 1樓, Parekh House, 中環雲咸街63號, 香港, Hong Kong
    • Oolaa Central

      Restaurants Lounge spots
      60 reviews
      Open until 23:00
      3 minutes Central 香港, Central, 28 Stanley St, G/F, Hong Kong
      Good food. Went for a corporate lunch over a weekday and ordered the set menu.

      Almond mushroom soup + butter chicken gravy. Always love cmg back to oola.
    • Studio Caffeine

      Restaurants Drinking establishments
      13 reviews
      4 minutes North Point 北角和富道126號, 香港, Hong Kong


      藍紋卡邦尼細扁意粉 $198 ‼️推薦‼️

      Egg Benedict $138…
    • Yum Kwun 飲館

      Restaurants Bar and lounge
      7 reviews
      5 minutes Wan Chai 香港, Wan Chai, 3 King Sing St, Shop B G/F, Hong Kong
      好味地道的泰式Fusion, 有着泰國當地的口味, 帶着新派食物的款式, 親切的服務, 唯獨中產以上的價錢, 有待改善
    • LQV WAN CHAI - Le Bar & La Cave

      Shops Cocktail spots
      43 reviews
      3 minutes Wan Chai 香港, Wan Chai, 9 Swatow St, Hong Kong
      Good lunch menu. I think for 120 hkd you get a 3 course meal. Fair price for a light steak. For some reason the espresso here was rediculously good. Quite basic as there are no cappucios, lattes or anything that requires foamed milk… But I'd…
    • Bacchus Wine & Restaurant

      Restaurants Drinking spots
      16 reviews
      5 minutes Sheung Wan Sheung Wan, 香港, 233 Hollywood Rd, Hollywood Centre, 3/F, Hong Kong
      Came here for lunch as it’s been on my list to try. The set lunch is $498pp. Which includes 4 courses: appetiser, soup, main, cheese/small dessert. The food was mediocre, nothing was impressive. The cheese bread at the beginning would have been…
      Bacchus Wine & Restaurant Dinner Menu Page 1 888$
      Bacchus Wine & Restaurant Dinner Menu Page 2 888$
      3 more prices
    Average company rating - 4.5 based on 1,563 reviews and 3,602 ratings