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    • the Hive Studios

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      13 reviews
      1 minute Kennedy Town Kennedy Town, 香港, 12P Smithfield, Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 8th floor, Hong Kong
      Great service! Totally recommend
    • The Diner

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      74 reviews
      5 minutes Central Central, 香港, 48 Wyndham St, Winning Centre, G/F, Hong Kong
      I like this restaurant, good music& good food. I ordered the Lexington, a hot cappuccino, also onion rings. I love sitting outside the area of the restaurant, which gets me a bit of refreshment on Monday—so relaxing & I am enjoying my brunch time…
    • L'Azur Gourmet & Café

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      20 reviews
      3 minutes University of Hong Kong 西環皇后大道西518-520號聯華大廈地下, 堅尼地城, 香港, Hong Kong
      Great variety of French Dairy options with good selection of yoghurts and cheeses. French brekkie options (Pain au Chocolate, crepes and Croissants) and good variety of biscuits and crisps. A bit pricey for some items, but good value for others -…
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    • Sicklyland Coffee Shop & Restaurant - Causeway Bay

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      44 reviews
      4 minutes Causeway Bay Dragon Rise, 2樓A, 銅鑼灣邊寧頓街9-11號, 香港, Hong Kong
      放工同事話去happy hour,行吓行吓就嚟咗呢間樓上cafe,店內裝修充滿復古風,好多陳年擺設,影吓相打吓卡都唔錯


      ▶️蘋果釀全雞配香草蜜糖 — 全雞上,2大隻雞髀,份量非常足夠。將蘋果切片釀入雞入面,食落爽口和口感清新,配菜就係沙律菜,喜歡嘅朋友可以伴住雞件嚟食,可以減去少少油膩感。

      ▶️西班牙黑毛豬鞍配雜莓燒汁 -…
    • Trois Cafe Central Building

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      24 reviews
      1 minute Central 中建大廈1樓109號鋪, 中環畢打街1-3號, 香港, Hong Kong
      Manager should delicate his or her staff.Hi, I went to your central branch and had some lunch today, but the one who was taking my order a man who is dark coloured skin, he was very sarcastic and missed my order twice already on Monday it was my…
    • Fu Foods (Private Kitchen Invite Only)

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      9 reviews
      24 hours a day
      56 minutes Chai Wan 香港, Tai Tam, 18 Pak Pat Shan Rd, Red Hill Peninsula Phase 1, Hong Kong
    • Burger Circus

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      58 reviews
      5 minutes Central 香港, Central, 22 Hollywood Rd, Hong Kong
    • Tea WG Salon & Boutique at IFC Mall

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      60 reviews
      1 minute Hong Kong 香港, IFC Mall, 1 Harbour View Street Central, Podium Level One, #1022, Hong Kong
      As always a very good lunch with some excellent tea's. Can't wait to the next visit
    • Nacasa

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      57 reviews
      5 minutes Sheung Wan Holly Wood Road 227 Alley, 上環華里5號, 香港, Hong Kong
      諗住食一個特別的下午茶, 但真心失望, 到場時只有三枱客, 之後只餘下我地一枱, 好似包場咁.
      食物: 樣子味道一般
      環境: 佈置有心思,有聖誕氣氛
      服務: 員工有禮貌, 地方清潔, 廁所乾淨
      價錢: 下午茶收費太貴, 不推薦
    • BaseHall.

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      49 reviews
      2 minutes Central Central, 香港, 1 Connaught Pl, Shops 9A, 9B and 9C LG/F, Jardine House, Hong Kong
      Always a good place to go if nearby
    • Zoë Cake (Causeway Bay)

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      19 reviews
      4 minutes Causeway Bay Causeway Bay, 香港, 33 Sharp St E, Holiday Inn Express, G/F, Hong Kong
    • Zoe Cake Wanchai

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      10 reviews
      3 minutes Wan Chai Wan Chai, 香港, Ship St, Shop 2, G/F, J Residence, 60 Johnston Rd, Entrance on, Hong Kong
    • Zoë Cake (Central)

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      4 reviews
      2 minutes Central Shop 2, 1/F, New World Tower, Queen's, 香港皇后大道中1 16號, Hong Kong
      賣相精緻,心思設計,簡單花形,卻攝取了眾人的視覺。出奇好味,應軟則軟,應脆則脆, so nice!
    • 特色三文治专门店

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      3 reviews
      2 minutes Wan Chai 灣仔盧押道9號, 香港, Hong Kong
      This is the place to go if you want Chinese style sandwiches pretending to be Western style.
      Basically everything there is Chinese style and the bread is horribly sweet while the sandwiches are half filled!
    • Italian Tomato

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      3 reviews
      2 minutes Taikoo 鰂魚涌, 香港, Hong Kong
    • Can-teen

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      48 reviews
      2 minutes Central Central, 香港, 10 Chater Rd, Central 號 太子 大廈 3 樓 Prince's Building, Prince's Building, Hong Kong
      Staff super rude, just ask one question is like wasting her time.
    • 丰滋味

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      21 reviews
      1 minute Sai Wan Ho A48A, 87, 西灣河筲箕灣道, 香港, Hong Kong
    • Feather & Bone (Wan Chai)

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      69 reviews
      2 minutes Wan Chai Wan Chai, 香港, 5 Luard Rd, G, F, Hong Kong
    • Marks & Spencer Café

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      11 reviews
      4 minutes Taikoo 香港, Taikoo Shing, 2 Tai Fung Ave, Taikoo Shing, Kao Shan Terrace Heng Shan Mansion, Hong Kong
    • Crostini

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      No reviews or ratings
      1 minute Xinghua Estate Shop G41A, Paradise Mall, 白沙灣盛泰道100號, 香港, Hong Kong
    • 连丰烧味餐室

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      1 review
      4 minutes Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣堅拿道東10號, 香港, Hong Kong
      $30 雙拼飯
    • 岱民湾仔店

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      2 reviews
      6 minutes Causeway Bay Foo Tak Building, 灣仔軒尼詩道, 香港, Hong Kong
    • 岱民筲箕湾店

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      1 review
      3 minutes Shau Kei Wan 筲箕灣筲箕灣道279號, 香港, Hong Kong
    • 超人烧鹅

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      4 reviews
      4 minutes Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣堅拿道東10號, 香港, Hong Kong
      rice dishes potion are enough.
      there is a queue in evening.
    • 员佐级餐厅

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      1 review
      3 minutes Ocean Park 黃竹坑, 香港, Hong Kong
      Famous for their food for dog/cockroach
    • 文汇报食堂

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      1 review
      11 minutes Haiyi Peninsula 香港, 2/F, Hing Wai Centre, Tin Wan Praya Road, Aberdeen, Southern, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    • Duting

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      No reviews or ratings
      5 minutes Causeway Bay Lee West Commercial Building, 號 地 下 a 鋪, 灣仔軒尼詩道, 香港, Hong Kong
    • 银杏馆

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      No reviews or ratings
      3 minutes Sheung Wan 上環新街市街, 香港, Hong Kong
    • Share Kitchen

      Restaurants Cafeterias
      No reviews or ratings
      1 minute Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣駱克道, 香港, Hong Kong
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