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  • ORKA Restaurant, Bar & Cafe

    Restaurants Outdoor seatings
    86 reviews
    4 minutes Central 香港, Central, 36 Wyndham St, Ground Floor, Hong Kong
  • Studio Caffeine

    Restaurants Outdoor seatings
    13 reviews
    4 minutes North Point 北角和富道126號, 香港, Hong Kong


    藍紋卡邦尼細扁意粉 $198 ‼️推薦‼️

    Egg Benedict $138…
  • Pak Soi Asian Kitchen

    Restaurants Outdoor seatings
    24 reviews
    3 minutes Sai Ying Pun 香港, Sai Ying Pun, 125 Third St, G/F Shop B Hang Hing Court, Fuk Sau Lane, Hong Kong
    Staff complaining to us about the amount of dishes piling up in the kitchen, a 90s soundtrack that's best kept in the past, and food that made us sick. Hard pass.
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  • Yum Kwun 飲館

    Restaurants Restaurants with outdoor decks
    7 reviews
    5 minutes Wan Chai 香港, Wan Chai, 3 King Sing St, Shop B G/F, Hong Kong
    好味地道的泰式Fusion, 有着泰國當地的口味, 帶着新派食物的款式, 親切的服務, 唯獨中產以上的價錢, 有待改善
  • Bacchus Wine & Restaurant

    Restaurants Restaurants with open air seating
    16 reviews
    5 minutes Sheung Wan Sheung Wan, 香港, 233 Hollywood Rd, Hollywood Centre, 3/F, Hong Kong
    Came here for lunch as it’s been on my list to try. The set lunch is $498pp. Which includes 4 courses: appetiser, soup, main, cheese/small dessert. The food was mediocre, nothing was impressive. The cheese bread at the beginning would have been…
  • Suit

    Restaurants Restaurants with decks
    12 reviews
    1 minute Sheung Wan G/F, 上環蘇杭街89號, 香港, Hong Kong
    Perfect breakfast!
    而是可以選擇set 跟單純來吃飯的待遇一樣
  • Ciao Chow Pizzeria (Ocean Park)

    Restaurants Restaurants with alfresco dining
    1 review
    3 minutes Ocean Park 香港, Deep Water Bay, Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Lakeside Chill I Waterfront, Ocean Park, Hong Kong
    I must say I was not expecting this in an amusement park. Excellent pizza… Great neopolitan style crust. Excellent ingredients. For being inside Ocean Park… Wow… Good value if you're an InFUNity pass member
  • Hashtag Coffee

    Restaurants Restaurant with covered patio
    57 reviews
    3 minutes Sai Ying Pun 99b Robinson Road, 西營盤高街, 香港, Hong Kong
    Cozy cafe that serves well-made coffee and delicious breakfast could see myself coming back on a weekend and spending a whole morning here with a book
  • Joël Robuchon

    Restaurants Places to eat with a patio
    61 reviews
    1 minute Central 香港, Central, 15 Queen's Road Central, Shop 401, Landmark Atrium, Hong Kong
    Had lunch here, it's underwhelming for a 3 michelin star restaurant. Some bread in the bread basket and some dessert are great, otherwise they're just okay.
  • Halfway Coffee

    Restaurants Places to eat with outside seating
    56 reviews
    3 minutes Sheung Wan 上環摩羅上街26號, 香港, Hong Kong
  • Skye

    Restaurants Places to eat outside patio
    67 reviews
    4 minutes Causeway Bay 香港, Causeway Bay, 310 Gloucester Rd, 27/F, Hong Kong
    Skye是質素極的餐廳!景觀無敵連男廁也可以看到海景。食物質素高和價錢相符, 服務體貼不過還有改進的空間。
  • Shahrazad Lebanese Dining Lounge & Bar

    Restaurants Places to eat outdoor seating
    70 reviews
    4 minutes Central Central, 香港, 77 Wyndham St, Carfield Commercial Building, 2/F, Hong Kong
  • Cafe Hue Vietnamese Restaurant

    Restaurants Places to eat with outdoor seating
    54 reviews
    3 minutes North Point Echo Peak Tower, HK 香港島 北角底層地下2樓 請使用北角英皇道390號亞洲大廈巷入, 北角堡壘街61號, 香港, Hong Kong
    漁村湯檬曉 is authentic (I think at least) and totally satisfying. Beef pho also not bad, noodle texture one of the best in HK
  • Rajasthan Rifles

    Restaurants Patio seating restaurants
    84 reviews
    21 minutes Central Central, 香港, 118 Peak Rd, Shop G01 G/F, The Peak Galleria, Hong Kong
    We came here for a lunch on a Sunday. The Food was delicious. Menu is Very well planned. Staff was really Polite and service was excellent especially Chef Kumaran. He took care of us really well and went out of his way to accommodate our…
  • Chôm Chôm

    Restaurants Patio dining restaurants
    60 reviews
    6 minutes Sheung Wan 香港, Central, 58 Peel St, Hong Kong
    Great modern Interpretation of Vietnamese food. It's all fresh and tasty and in a vibrant environment.
  • Fleur de Sel

    Restaurants Outside seating restaurants
    69 reviews
    2 minutes Causeway Bay Causeway Bay, 香港, No .1 Foo Ming St, 2 /f J, Po Foo Building, Hong Kong
  • Winstons Coffee - Kennedy Town

    Restaurants Outside cafes
    52 reviews
    2 minutes Kennedy Town 香港, Kennedy Town, 11 Davis St, Shop 8 The Hudson, Hong Kong
    Super friendly staff and speak English. Coffee was great
  • WTF Bar

    Restaurants Outdoors cafe and bar
    62 reviews
    Open until 01:00
    3 minutes Sheung Wan 香港, Central, Kau U Fong, Hong Kong
    nice range of gins, passionate and friendly staff
    new location, still awesome
  • Maka Hiki

    Restaurants Outdoor seating pubs
    51 reviews
    4 minutes Diva Tai Hang, 香港, 98 Tung Lo Wan Rd, The Corner House, Little Tai Hang, 2/F, Hong Kong
    Great food and good service, will definitely come back
  • Chill and Grill HK

    Restaurants Outdoor lunch spots
    74 reviews
    3 minutes Kennedy Town 堅尼地城加多近街57號, 香港, Hong Kong
    Chill and Grill
    好耐冇過去西營盤啦 有日同朋友仔係海濱公園個頭睇完日落 就去食好西 ️ 時間就到岩岩好
    我哋嚟咗“大叔的愛”取景場地 一入到餐廳就認到 餐廳空間好闊落 枱同枱之間唔會好逼令人有焗促嘅感覺 環境幾舒服
    食物方面我哋嗌咗好多 starter有salmon tartare stater黎講佢算大份 伴碟多士好脆 食唔停口 side叫咗個薯條 身為薯條愛好者嘅我見到必嗌 炸到脆脆的 好正 main就叫咗封門柳 食落好香炭火味 一d都唔韌…
  • 顺好楼

    Restaurants Outdoor lunch restaurants
    75 reviews
    6 minutes Wan Chai Shun Ho Building, 灣仔日街1號, 香港, Hong Kong
    It's a great coffee shop with excellent environment and staff!:)
  • Petticoat Lane

    Restaurants Outdoor lunch places
    61 reviews
    Open until 02:00
    3 minutes Central 香港, Central, 30-32 D'Aguilar St, 8F, California Tower, Hong Kong
    Used to love this place, especially in the old location. Now it’s just one of the LKF bars with way too drunk people and not very welcoming staff or patrons. Not so much a gay bar anymore where we feel safe, mostly flooded with straight people…
  • Francis

    Restaurants Outdoor food places
    66 reviews
    5 minutes Wan Chai 香港, Wan Chai, St Francis St, St. Francis Mansion, Hong Kong
    Simple, tasty Lebanese fusion. Lunch set is perfect with a combo of small bites.
  • The Pizza Project

    Restaurants Outdoor dinner restaurants
    59 reviews
    6 minutes Admiralty 香港, Wan Chai, No.5 Star St, Hong Kong
    Weeknight dinner. Nice vibes: beats, mood lighting, ambience, seating.
    Staff friendly and forthcoming with help.
    Pizza is excellent and great value for money considering the quality. Good range of pizzas. We tried shrimp.
    Starters and dessert nice…
  • Uma Nota

    Restaurants Outdoor dinner places
    68 reviews
    5 minutes Sheung Wan 香港, Central, 38 Peel St, Upper G/F, Hong Kong
    The Joy Of Eating

    踏入12月,意味這一年即將結束,相信全世界的「打工仔」 要麼在期待放假,要麼在思考職涯規劃,決定新一年是否有往外闖的可能性。日文有一組字詞「生き甲斐 (Ikigai)」,翻譯成中文即「生命中的幸福」,大概就是那個支撐你活下去的動力來源。舉個例子,著名的巴西球王比利,一生與足球結緣,去年確診腸癌,然而外界的關愛與觀看巴西世界盃賽事讓他得到力量,這份「Ikigai」成為他積極接受治療的精神支柱。…
  • LPM Restaurant & Bar

    Restaurants Outdoor bar and grill
    63 reviews
    3 minutes Central 香港, Central, Queen's, 23-29 Stanley Street Shop 1, UG, H, Hong Kong
    Lovely restaurant for sassy lunch with your girlfriends.The lunch menu was reasonable at 498. Cocktail tomartini is a must-have, so tasty sour with a touch of pepper. The welcome salad and bread is a nice touch to the start of the meal. Service…
  • Black Cherry Coffee

    Restaurants Lunch restaurants outdoor dining
    59 reviews
    11 minutes Haiyi Peninsula 6 號 舖, 田灣石排灣道81號, 香港, Hong Kong
    開很早,上班前喝杯咖啡很讚。Matcha Latte超級美味,推薦!芝士火腿蛋多士、begal和scone都很不錯 老闆很友善
  • The Daily Tot

    Restaurants Lunch places with patio
    53 reviews
    Open until 02:00
    5 minutes Sheung Wan Central, 香港, 58 Hollywood Rd, LG/F, Felicity Building, Shop E, Hong Kong
    Go walk down Wyndham and over to Hollywood Road and you’ll see for yourself how this is THE MOST happening spot in town. The vibe is super fun and highly recommend if you’re looking to have a memorable time!
  • Mamie Yvonne

    Restaurants Lunch places with outdoor seating
    63 reviews
    G/F, Princeton Court, 赤柱赤柱大街118號, 香港, Hong Kong
  • Louise

    Restaurants Covered patio restaurant
    71 reviews
    4 minutes Sheung Wan 香港, 35 Aberdeen Street, PMQ, Central Central, Hong Kong
    I mean, wow, the chicken was on a whole other level. Truffle pasta as recommended by the waiters was also tasty. Definitely leave some room for their citrus dessert too!
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