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in Kowloon
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17 reviews
19 september 2023
Advantages Fast appointment. Helpful staff that helped arrange a taxi even. Clinic is easy access and well equipped with private treatment room that made it comfortable to relax. Disadvantages Despite needing multiple treatments was worth the price Comment Doctor Tai was very knowledgeable. He spent over an hour on examination and tests as my sport injury was real bad. Then started
4 september 2023
Advantages They are open when most other places closes. Disadvantages Over testing to over charge Comment My experience tells me that people at PulseVet love $$$, not animals. Here is my story. My 16.5 year old Shih Tzu Daisy got sick and my friend and helper took her to PulseVet Saturday afternoon while I was traveling. After blood tests they said that Daisy had multiple organ problems and we should prepare for the worst. I have asked my friend to tell them only do necessary tests, keep Daisy
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57 reviews
29 august 2023
Comment 8月28日 傍晚6:30 今天我們一行四人開開心心諗住去揾個地方坐得舒服,食餐韓燒,結果。。。。 首先我女朋友到先 行到慶烚烚一坐低就放低自己帶嚟支茶係枱面 職員(1)行埋嚟同我朋友講 呢到唔可以帶外來飲品入嚟 朋友👩‍🦱表示ok明白的,但由於我朋友剛坐低想透透回回氣先 還未收埋支飲料 職員(2)再同我朋友講 由於我哋公司有閉路電視監察 有高層監視住 再一次表示要我朋友將自我帶嚟支烏龍茶收藏好。。第一著位 跟住隨後我們另外3位都到齊 發覺現場嘅background music過大聲好嘈 大聲到連我哋叫職員都冇人聽到 於是示意可否較細聲一點 職員答不能夠 因為亦係有閉路電視監察 咁我哋話唔緊要有無其他位置冇咁嘈 佢又話冇噃 佢話整個餐廳都係需要有音樂播放住 咁咪叫個話得事嘅人出嚟 又係廢嘅 繼續堅持唔會將音量收細 跟住戲肉嚟 我其中一個朋友當時揸住部手機同朋友傾緊計 其中一個職員(3)同我朋友講你係咪影緊我 我朋友即著 問題係呢條友繼續同我朋argue仲要話我朋友用部手機對住佢我問你係咪影我都好正常 問題係佢完全唔覺得有問題繼續同我哋嘈 結果個senior拉開佢
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Bren S.
18 august 2023
Mr Chan who helped me on WhatsApp to order a product from their website. He explained in details and sent the order within 10 mins which would be shipped out fast. Hopefully the item would be received in the next day. He also gave me two batteries for free as I wouldn’t be free to buy from retailers. Recommend this online store if you will find something you need from them. Great service! Fast shipping by ShuiFung courier!
8 reviews
15 august 2023
Disadvantages 為家母送上最後一程的花,訂購心型花牌,即時收到已是殘花,實在是對家母不敬。 如鮮花不足夠,可跟本人商量,讓我更改其他,但花店卻沒這樣做,實在令人氣憤! 建議不要光顧此店。 Date of services rendered 2023年8月14日 Specialist description GW花店
8 august 2023
I strongly do not recommend Vibes Physiotherapy and Joyce Ng. The competence of the physiotherapy staff at Vibes to be substandard, particularly therapist Joyce Ng, whom I believe is the owner of the clinic. She appeared to lack the necessary expertise and knowledge required to provide appropriate treatment for my condition. After undergoing several treatment sessions with no improvement, she changed the treatment approach. I felt that she was randomly providing treatment plans without much
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8 reviews
6 july 2023
Advantages 你地有冇嗰款式現貨賣啊油壓臂力器 液壓臂力器 Disadvantages 我好想賣到現貨啊 Comment 我喜歡身體運動啊
3 reviews
5 june 2023
Totally unethical doctor!!! Despite being a loyal customer for over 10 years (seeing him semi-annually for a check up with scaling and polishing), this asshole allowed my molar to rot up to the point that even a root canal can’t fully resolve the situation based on a second and third doctor opinion as it requires extra procedures. The cavity at the back of the molar was so apparent to the other doctors and this asshole didn’t do anything about it. Extraction of the molar might have to be done. Beware
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1 review
1 june 2023
This is one of the most ridiculous bars in HK, NEVER go to this bar!!! They are LIARS with extremely MISLEADING promotion and a habit of overcharging. Totally can’t believe this! Various staff confirmed to us numerous times that their bar had a buy 1 get 1 free happy hour offer for all brands of beer; the first time was when they were touting us on the street and the second time was when we were ordering our drinks. However, we eventually realized that the bill also charged us for the second
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Ethan C.
28 may 2023
Advantages Decently nice office space! Disadvantages I regret to say that my time working at All Round Education Academy has been highly disappointing. As a tutor, I expected a nurturing environment that prioritized the well-being of both students and employees. Unfortunately, this company seems solely focused on profit-making and disregards the concerns and qualifications of its tutors. One of the most disheartening aspects of my experience was the unfair pay structure. Despite charging students
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20 may 2023
Advantages There were no positives about working with Swift Relo. Disadvantages I have worked with a number of removal companies over the years, I would recommend that anyone looking for a removalist to AVOID USING SWIFT RELO at all costs. Comment Swift Relo is a terrible company. They LOST my luggage. Yes that's correct. They actually LOST all of my personal belongings. Apart from losing my valuable possessions, I think the issue that is most upsetting is that they did not even apologize
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8 reviews
22 april 2023
你好, 黃醫生因為不知道你的小朋友病歷史才拒絕幫他打針。 照我看病時觀察, 有很多都去過診所想打針的人仕, 都一一被拒絕 (包括大人及小朋友)~重點是因為他們都是從未睇過黃醫生,所以沒有病歷記錄! 你自已亦應很清楚當時很多大人或小朋友打完針後都會出現問題。 而黃醫生是一位很盡責的醫生, 他只是顧慮到不知病歷史會出現不良影響。 如發生問題, 做媽媽的你之後又會用什麼心情來形容這個醫生!!! 我本人即使有病歷, 都不敢直接打針。 我是在黃醫生那裡做了一份身體檢查後, 才決定在他那裡打齊3針。 將心比己, 你想知道對方是否一位好醫生, 當有不舒服時, 找他看看。 再給評論吧! 在黃醫生那裡看病的病人都是由小到大看他的, 而且有些人亦因為搬走後出來看他的病人. 那裡就是給我們帶來了一種親切感, 人沒變, 他依然專業. 變的是我們這班病人都開始老了.
Ruby W.
8 april 2023
Advantages 我嘅腳痛已經經歷咗好多年嘅治療,尋遍過好多唔同治療手法嘅醫生,腳痛都只能得短暫舒緩,問題很快再次出現。 直至遇上黃醫生,得到佢悉心嘅醫治,腳痛嘅問題已得到很大改善。黃醫生除咗專業治療精準到位外,每次治療前都會做一個詳細檢查同講解我嘅狀況,讓我好清楚我嘅康復進度同方向。 值得-讚黃醫生是除了專業嘅治療外,能把我嘅頑疾都係能處理好!更值-讚是他絕對是-位好醫生!因為我多次建議自己可以每星期接受治療,希望藉此可加快康復進度,但黃醫生總會建議我2-3個星期接受-次治療便可以,他絕不會因為客人回診率而罔顧病人真正需要 本人經歷不同嘅醫生,真心推介黃醫生 專業嘅仁醫
4 reviews
4 april 2023
28 march 2023
a very nice printing company, price is reasonable and the quality is pretty perfect
7 reviews
Wong T.
28 march 2023
我上個月去左銅鑼灣店,D 職員幾 Nice,我都係做豐胸,但效果 OK 喎,佢地 D 機幾先進,亦都冇 sell 我,感覺好好 :)
4 reviews
Mr S.
16 march 2023
本人對該髮型屋非常之失望,日後本人再不會幫襯該髮型屋,亦會叫身邊識嘅所有人不要幫襯。 本人雖然知道,收$80剪一個頭,唔好有甘大期望,但無諗過真係會差成甘。 今日,本人到該髮型屋剪頭髮,一名女髮型師“AK??O“(本人不作公開全英文名)接待我,問我想點剪,我話想剪少少旁邊同後面,但唔洗剪甘高同甘入,佢話無問題,但一黎就用剷剷到旁邊上頂位置,仲要剷到跟頭型好入,我當時有即刻講,點解剷甘高,佢話佢未剪完,甘因為已經剷完一邊,我只好話甘好啦,到剷完另一邊,其實已經唔係我所要求的髮型,但由於已經剪緊,我亦唯有繼續,但最令我不滿的,係我本人原先係前面齊陰,但佢將我一邊一角剪短左,我立刻問點解剪短前面,我從來無講過要剪短前面,佢立刻擺出不滿反應反駁講,我無剪過你前面,又問我,甘你想點,我係髮型師,我即刻話我知妳係髮型師,但妳有問我要求,我講左,妳無跟到,佢立刻又問我甘你依家想點,我話甘妳話妳係髮型師,甘妳覺得應該點繼續剪,佢話一係另一邊剪返少少balance返,從佢呢一句對答,可證明佢自己係有唔小心剪左我前面頭髮一角,但我唯有跟佢意見。最後剪完既髮型,當然令我相當不滿意。 本人認為該髮型師仲適唔適合做髮型師。 一個唔跟顧客要求,有性格,態度亦欠佳嘅髮型師,應該去當藝術家比較適合現有工作。
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