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in Kowloon
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Bruce b.
23 january 2023
Do not buy anything from this company and expect a refund if it's faulty, lots of unhappy customers, have the hide to address you as friend and want you to pay return postage for a product that doesn't work they claim it does. Part of Catch.com will never shop there again.
Siu o.
13 january 2023
9 reviews
Amanda S.
3 january 2023
Advantages 何醫生簡直是驚為天人 善於聆聽 超級有耐心 博學多識 是我至今為止遇見的最不可思議的偶像級醫生了 希望世界上有多一些如此優秀暖心❤的醫生……☺️🙏🏻 Comment 姑娘也非常有善☺️
27 november 2022
very nice shop and value for money if you like made in Korea clothing. No China made product!!
26 november 2022
You need an excellent “say-no” skill or be prepared to take all the costly preventive treatments. The surgeon won’t remind you to check if the treatment would be insurance-covered.
3 reviews
David J.
10 november 2022
我喺嗰度換咗個汽車電池,用咗兩個月,個電池冇晒電,着唔到車,咁搵咗㗎的士幫我搭着架車已經比的士佬收咗$150 咁我返去問佢乜嘢事,坐櫃面嗰個阿伯,唔知係咪老細嚟,佢話貨物出門恕不退換,咁我都係想問吓咩事啫,講多兩句 佢用粗口鬧喎 我當時好嬲 走咗去土瓜灣環球電池 叫佢幫我睇一睇 個老細好好人 佢話個電池頭黑咗 可能擺咗好耐 和電池碼 全部都是硫酸粉 老細幫我清理左 幫我叉咗電池 都係收咗我$50 真心好人
Michael w.
14 october 2022
i buy my custom made clothes with kahn tailor Hong kong since 2012 and very satisfied happy customer of kahn tailor. They ask question and details about all requirement and make you what you need. Simple they are the best tailors in Hongkong i found. I recommend them to anyone searching for a best custom tailors in Hong kong.
53 reviews
Ma H.
20 september 2022
Suggest repair supreme house,27kebab house wifi,it always connected but do not have wifi,it need to buy new router,and everday reset router wifi
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