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    • Dough Bros. Pizza & Doughnuts (Tai Hang)

      Restaurants Pizza restaurant
      7 reviews
      Open until 23:00
      5 minutes Diva Tai Hang, 香港, 90 Tung Lo Wan Rd, Shop G, G/F, Ming Sun Building, Hong Kong
      The Truffle
      The Pepperoni Supreme



      配上芝士 惹味又滿足



      Lemon Pie


    • Cielos Café & Bar

      Restaurants Pizza restaurant
      10 reviews
      Open until 00:00
      16 minutes Causeway Bay 香港, Happy Valley, 4 Blue Pool Rd, Hong Kong
      Very lovely venue, recently renovated in HV and now serving authentic Italian Food. Had a lot of fun with the salsa class on their opening. Would definitely recommend their pinsa, truffle cappuccino and pastries!
    • Alvy's

      Restaurants Pizza restaurant
      58 reviews
      Open until 00:00
      6 minutes Kennedy Town 香港, Kennedy Town, 8 Holland St, Hong Kong
      Very nice pizza I think the best one it’s the most simple one because after that the rest of pizza it’s really special and new so, not really my type. This place it’s really nice to bring your friend and also 50HKD on the drink after 9pm you…
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    • PizzaExpress

      Restaurants Pizza places
      35 reviews
      5 minutes Taikoo 香港, Taikoo Shing, Tai Yue Avenue, Taikoo Shing, On Shing Terrace Ko On Mansion, Hong Kong
    • Gopizza hk

      Restaurants Pizza parlor
      13 reviews
      2 minutes North Point 北角匯2期地下G10號舖, 北角渣華道123號, 香港, Hong Kong
      Ordered the sweet and sour boneless chicken, the flavor is on point. And pizza is fine baby, the reason is I took some photos and it got a little bit cold and I'll try another taste when next time I visit. The chips are too normal, cannot justify…
    • PizzaExpress

      Restaurants Places for pizza
      46 reviews
      3 minutes Causeway Bay Shop 1203, 12/F Times Square,1,Matheson Street, 銅鑼灣, 香港, Hong Kong
    • Dough Bros. Pizza & Doughnuts (North Point)

      Restaurants Pizza spots
      20 reviews
      Open until 23:00
      2 minutes Fortress Hill North Point, 香港, 18 Wang On Rd, Victor Court, Shop 5, G/F, Hong Kong
    • Pizza Hut Hong Kong

      Restaurants Pizza outlet
      4 reviews
      4.8 km Ocean Park 香港, Stanley, 赤柱佳美道23及33號馬坑邨赤柱廣場1樓101號舖, Hong Kong
      very slow service the drink took longer than the food
    • Motorino Wan Chai

      Restaurants Pizza joints
      77 reviews
      Open until 23:00
      3 minutes Wan Chai 香港, Wan Chai, 15 Ship St, Hong Kong
      Best authentic pizza in Hong Kong. Enough said. I already want to go back the next day.
    • Paisano's Pizzeria

      Restaurants Pizza shops
      42 reviews
      Open until 03:00
      5 minutes Central 香港, Central, 23 Hollywood Rd, Hong Kong
      Cheap and filling pizza!

      When I first arrived in Hong Kong to join the fashion industry, we didn't really have much money. We were all fairly young with no parents around and none of us knew how to cook, except for your basic instant ramen.

    • PizzaExpress

      Restaurants Pizzeria restaurant
      42 reviews
      1 minute Taikoo 香港, Quarry Bay, 1 Kornhill Rd, G2, Kornhill Plaza, Hong Kong
    • PHD

      Restaurants Pizzerias
      24 reviews
      Open until 23:00
      26 minutes Haiyi Peninsula 瀑布灣, 香港, Hong Kong
      店內得一個員工,無客、下單電腦 hang 咗!無得幫襯.....
    • Pizza Maru

      Restaurants Pizzeria
      52 reviews
      Open until 22:30
      1 minute Causeway Bay Causeway Bay, 香港, 500 Hennessy Rd, 13/F, Hysan Place, Hong Kong

      意粉也不錯,但pizza 太正,顯得意粉有點普通,義大利飯也ok!

    • 后街牛扒

      Restaurants Restaurants with pizza
      54 reviews
      Open until 23:00
      5 minutes Wan Chai 香港, Wan Chai, 7 Cross Ln, Shop A Wing Shing Mansion, Hong Kong
    • AGE Cuisine Express

      Restaurants Places to get pizza
      56 reviews
      2 minutes Taikoo Quarry Bay, 香港, 1065 King's Rd, Eastern Centre, 1104B, Hong Kong





    • CAPO Sai Ying Pun

      Shops A pizza place
      70 reviews
      Open until 23:00
      2 minutes Sai Ying Pun 香港, Sai Ying Pun, Bonham Rd, 49 Basement, Hong Kong
      The pie and crust was very crunchy and satisfying, one of the best pizzas in HK I've had, must try if you like crispy thin and crunchy pies

      Burrata be soul-healing
    • 必胜客

      Restaurants Pizza dining
      35 reviews
      Open until 23:00
      1 minute Sheung Wan 地下, Kin On Commercial Building, 上環, 香港中環蘇杭街49-51號, Hong Kong
    • Mother of Pizzas

      Restaurants Pizza place restaurant
      65 reviews
      6 minutes Causeway Bay 香港, Causeway Bay, 19 Leighton Rd, Ground Shop, 13, Hong Kong
      Love the pizza but customer service is awful. Every time I come in the staff rub me the wrong way.
    • PizzaExpress Lab

      Restaurants Pizza areas
      36 reviews
      5 minutes Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣京士頓街9號, 香港, Hong Kong
      朋友聚餐 ‍ ‍ 金玉滿堂

      前幾天,見到呢間PizzaExpress新推出咗一個金玉滿堂四人套餐,套餐更贈送一枝有汽酒 即刻約埋朋友仔一齊黎食取番個好意頭 寓意豐衣足食 ️


      這道菜特別吸睛 金黃色嘅烤蜜桃帕爾馬火腿,中間擺放一大舊嘅軟心芝士,入口軟滑 配上爽口嘅火箭菜,清新可口。

    • Al Forno Cafe and Bar

      Restaurants Pizza stores
      69 reviews
      Open until 02:00
      5 minutes Causeway Bay 香港, 銅鑼灣, 218 告士打道, 號地下, Hong Kong
      worst pizza in Hong Kong. it’s not even pizza, it’s just cheap cheese with a bit of dough
      gin tonic? — didn’t see bartender putting Hendricks, it was done somewhere aside, so not sure if it was a real gin
      not recommended
    • 必胜客

      Restaurants Pizza joint
      25 reviews
      Open until 23:00
      9 minutes Central 香港羅便臣道34號低層地下(面向摩羅廟交加街 Mid-level West, 香港, Hong Kong
    • Babacio

      Restaurants Pizza parlors
      69 reviews
      Open until 03:00
      4 minutes Central Central, 香港, 77 Wyndham St, Carfield Commercial Building, 5/F, Hong Kong
      A rooftop restaurant and quite chill
    • Giá Trattoria Italiana ( Relocating )

      Restaurants Places to eat pizza
      57 reviews
      7 minutes Admiralty 香港, Wan Chai, 1 Lung King St, 1/F, Fleet Arcade, Fenwick Pier, Hong Kong
    • Fiata Pizza

      Restaurants Pizza and restaurant
      78 reviews
      Open until 22:30
      6 minutes Central 香港, Central, 2 Staunton St, Hong Kong
      前幾日過海就去咗係亞太區Top 50 Pizza評選位列第8,亦都係香港最高排名嘅 @fiatapizza 朝聖喇 揾餐廳都好似行山咁 不過辛苦少少食嘅時候就冇咁guilty

      去到已經兩點幾都有唔少人,果然係人氣披薩店~坐低有完整菜單酒水單同lunch set揀,睇下完整菜單個披薩種類超~級~多!不過我就揀最穩陣嘅lunch set,又可以有埋前菜同嘢飲…
    • 嘉荟轩

      Restaurants Places that sell pizza
      6 reviews
      Open until 23:00
      3 minutes Wan Chai 灣仔船街1-7號, 香港, Hong Kong
      Rooftop views some of the best in HK
    • Jack's Pizzeria

      Restaurants Dinepizza places
      5 reviews
      Open until 23:00
      2 minutes Sai Ying Pun 香港, Sai Ying Pun, 78 High St, 80, Hong Kong
    • Big Pizza HKU

      Restaurants Places that have pizza
      1 rating
      20 minutes Kennedy Town 香港, Pok Fu Lam, Portion of Cover Podium, Main Library, Main Campus The University of, Hong Kong
    • Bovini Steakhouse & Bar

      Restaurants Place for pizza
      2 reviews
      Open until 23:30
      1 minute Sheung Wan 香港, Sheung Wan, 20-24 Mercer St, Hong Kong
      Nice location with excellent food and service!
    • 必胜客

      Restaurants Restaurants that have pizza
      9 reviews
      Open until 23:00
      21 minutes Causeway Bay 地舖, 69c Sing Woo Road, 跑馬地成和道69C號, 香港, Hong Kong
      Fast, hot delivery of pizzas with good crusts and pretty ordinary toppings and excessively sweet tomato sauce. Skip the pastas
    • INTERVAL Farmacy

      Restaurants Pizza places to eat
      63 reviews
      33 minutes Kennedy Town Pok Fu Lam, 香港, 100 Cyberport Rd, Shop 207, Level 2, Arcade, Cyberport, Hong Kong
      Main course & starter was brilliant, dessert was ok